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Entry #5

BK4 & 5 Soundtrack reupload

8/24/13 by Rajunen

So yeah, it's been a really long time coming, but I finally got myself to share the soundtrack for BK4 and 5 again. Sorry for the really long delay. I don't really browse Newgrounds actively anymore, so pretty much all I get postings here tend to get either ignored or replied way too late.

So anyway, here's the good stuff:

All of this is released under the non-commercial CC-license, as in feel free to use it in anyway as long as you're not making a profit out of it.


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Is BK6 still happening?



The links for "Urban Skirmish" and "Berserk Avenger (Alternate)" are wrong, but still work as long as you do the following:

- For the former, copy-paste it into your URL bar and get rid of the second "/BK/02_UrbanSkirmish.mp3"

- And just copy-paste the latter into your URL bar instead of clicking on the link.