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Whoa internets (also, some BK4 soundtrack)

2009-07-25 19:33:45 by Rajunen

Cool, my first news post ever! If anyone's actually interested about me, that is.

Anyway... I'm pasting some peculiar intel from a IM I sent to another dude on the NG:

I uploaded the whole soundtrack on the audio portal: /257912 /257918 /258221 /258223 /258660 /258664

Have fun with it, listen to it, share it, use it in your animations and remix it (if there's anything to remix). Feel free to comment, flame. troll and generally just tell your completely honest opinion about my work. I appreciate honesty, especially if it's presented in a form of constructive criticism.


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2009-07-26 10:04:45

i care dood i mean withought u who would talk about the bk4 instalment ur important the music is awesome though i jus downloaded it into my computer and im now listenen but ur important ^-^ =D ._. >.>


2009-07-26 17:15:31

I loved the BK4 soundtrack a lot, but for some reason (IDK why) I like the sumo boss song the best. I was dissapointed though because it's way too short. I hope someone does remix that into a longer version... Becides that though, I have no complaints.


2009-08-02 02:02:13

Sweet! BW Thanks for supporting my steampunk idea. ^__^


2009-08-14 19:54:10

Honestly what made me keep coming back was the music for BunnyKill 4, everything was synced so well with it
it gave the series so much more personality, part from


2011-06-19 04:41:47

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried to download these tracks from the link that Mottis left and it wouldn't let me do it. I have to say that your music fits every battle and every general situation that Snowball is in. I've loved the Bunnykill series ever since it first came out and I have to say it has really evolved. Your awesome music skills helped that happen a great deal! Keep up the good work!